Why Insulate a Garage?

Winter is a festive time of year with beautiful snowfalls and cozy gatherings. However, when considering insulating your garage, the frigid air can make things quite difficult. If you use your garage as storage for valuable keepsakes, or need the space as a workstation, it is imperative to ensure your garage door is properly insulated. 

No matter how far the temperatures plummet, with a bit of effort you can insulate your garage easily to be ready for the winter. Insulation not only captures warmth, but also protects against excessive moisture buildup in your garage, which can lead to harmful mold. 

Capturing warmth and preventing the temperatures from dropping too much is the obvious benefit of garage insulation, however, keeping the garage comfortable is not the only reason it matters. 

A typical family home will spend in excess of $2,500 per year on power bills. If costs were to increase, you will easily notice them as soon as you read the bill. Chicago residents are seeking ways to reduce both energy costs and their environmental impact all together, and garage insulation is a highly effective way to do so. 

Added insulation will help save money on your utility costs, but will also provide for extra durability to your garage door. The harsh Chicago winters can easily warp and damage an uninsulated garage door. These costly repairs are undesirable, and may even lead to a full garage door replacement. As such, garage door insulation is important to save you money and frustration.

Advantages of garage insulation
While mulling over your choice to purchase insulation for your garage, be mindful the reasons for doing so are many. The costs are minimal compared to the variety of added benefits.

Year-Round Uses
When your garage is properly insulated, it can become a space that offers more than just vehicle cover. You can use it as your home gym, a play area for your kids, or a workshop for your hobbies. No matter summer or winter, the insulation will help maintain the temperature you desire.

Noise Reduction
A quiet home is a peaceful home, and with an insulated garage you can keep noisy items isolated. If you are doing a woodworking or other project requiring noisy power-tools, the insulated garage is a great place to keep those noises from disturbing others, including your neighbors. Your family and neighbors will be grateful that the noisy project is kept in an insulated garage. If you need your garage to be a quiet spot inside, the insulation will aid in keeping outside noises from intruding.

Build a New Garage
If you are seeking garage builders Chicago residents trust, call us for a free estimate. We will ensure your garage is constructed with proper insulation to keep your energy costs down, and increase the value of your space.