How To Prepare Your Garage When Seasons Change

The garage builders Chicago residents trust will tell you that it is crucial to prepare your new detached garage for the changing weather and temperatures as seasons change. Preparing your structure for winter, assists in the prevention of future problems when the temperatures outside are too cold for making the necessary repairs.

Clean Gutters
During garage construction Chicago projects, the installation of gutters and downspouts on your garage can extend the structural integrity of it. Gutters help by preventing rain and melted snow triggering problems in your foundation, redirecting both away from your garage itself.

You already know that you must clean your home’s gutters as the seasons change and similar regular maintenance on your garage roof will prevent gutter malfunction.

It is crucial to prevent foundation problems. Standing water, especially if frozen, can cause cracks in the foundation as time passes. After it has cracked, water will easily work its way into the structure.

Downsize And Regroup
Garage contractors Chicago teams recommend a solid fall/spring cleanout for your garage (and your home). As temperatures cool and the chance of snow entering the garage increases, elevating boxes or items that are stored is a good idea for preventing moisture from destroying your personal belongings.

Ensuring that important seasonal accessories, like sleds and winter tools are more accessible will make winter life so much easier, especially when standing in a chilly garage on colder days. Additionally, this provides an excellent opportunity to determine which items do not work or have become less useful.

You can also reorganize summer tools, tools, and activity items while determining which items may need replenishing during the next season.

Any garage remodel Chicago project today may be for a space that is much more multipurpose spaces and include popular choices like plumbing, cooling, and heating. Ensuring these investments are properly protected and winterized can prevent any future problems.

Make sure any air conditioning unit has been properly turned off and is prepared to be turned back on in springtime. The heating system must also be verified to ensure it is ready to be safely used. If needed, take the need to winterize pipes into consideration if you do not plan to utilize them during winter months.

Evaluate The Foundation
The foundation of the garage is essential to the lifetime of its structure. If not properly observed and cared for, any ground cracks can potentially get worse.

As temperatures begin to cool, these issues become more difficult to deal with, consequently any responsible Chicago garage contractor will recommend having them assessed by a professional. Although not every crack requires fixing, it is wise to address them instead of letting them worsen.

As the ground goes through the typical freezing-thawing cycle, a hairline crack can expand, giving water more opportunities to enter, in turn weakening the structure.

Check All Electrical Choices
No homeowner is looking to deal with a broken garage door in the midst of a cold and snowy winter.

Chicago garage builders recommend inspecting and changing light bulbs before sunlight lessens and the seasons change.

It is also necessary to verify the durability of electrical lines if garages have been built underneath them, making sure that they are located a reasonable distance from the roof as snow from winter storms may weigh them down, damaging the roof.

If you are considering taking on a new garage project or you are seeing garage builders in the Chicago area for a professional garage inspection, reach out to Stanley Garage Builders for a complimentary on-site estimate and expert assistance.