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The most traditional and common garage type in the Chicago area is a gable style garage, because it matches most houses. But what is a gable garage? The entire construction rests on two walls of the same height and the roof has two sloping sides that come together at one point. It has a triangular section above the main wall on which the garage door is located. At Stanley Garage Builders, we are at your disposal if you’re looking for a garage contractor Chicago team who will build a unique and durable gable garage for you.



It’s beautiful and useful

A gable garage is built to match the style and slope of your house’s roof. By adding various components, like windows and side trimmings, you create a distinctive style that really makes your garage stand out and increase its value and use. They’re also less expensive to build than other garage styles, because there’s no need for gutters.


Stunning Design

Gable garages are designed to complement the slope and form of your home’s roof. This combination is certain to boost your home’s resale value and make it seem fantastic. Furthermore, the style is well-known and well-recognized worldwide.


Snow and rain will be able to maneuver down the roof

They are more resilient and easier to maintain, since the gable roof will easily fend off water and snow during difficult weather conditions. This keeps your roof from being damaged or collapsing.


More space so you can store all your belongings

Gable roofs provide more space for an attic or storage space that can be accessed from inside or outside of the garage. With the increased room, you’ll be capable of storing more on the extra space.

Benefits of a Gable’s Garage

They are typically easier to manufacture and less expensive due to their basic design.

To improve the appearance of the garage, windows and other amenities might be installed.

The field may be customized to match the style of your home.

The roof’s high slope will easily shed water and snow.

Durable fabrication

Vaulted ceilings provide for more storage and ventilation.

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