How to safely and effectively heat your garage this winter?

We all know the harsh feeling of stepping outside into frigid winter air after being inside a cozy and warm home. Some homeowners enjoy a garage that provides protection from the cold elements, though not everyone does. 

Garages are not typically insulated as well as the primary house, particularly if the garage is a separate structure. Older garages built beyond ten years ago are likely to experience warping of the wood or rubber that lines the garage door, as well as windows and exterior walls. The failure of these seals can allow in outside moisture, unwanted critters and of course frigid winter air inside the garage. 

If you are considering a new garage installation or simply seeking to improve your existing garage, here are a few tips that will keep your garage warm during the winter months.

1. Properly insulate or repair damaged areas that allow air, pests or moisture to enter – Be sure to address any windows and doors, as well as any holes in the walls. Insulating the walls themselves can significantly improve heat retention.

2. Consider using portable heaters that you can monitor – When working in your garage on a project or your car, a portable space heater is a useful tool for comfort. However, be sure to carefully follow safety instructions for your heater. Typically this will mean not using the heater near any flammable items, keeping it covered, and avoiding leaving it on unattended for extended periods of time.

3. Installing a garage heating system is a premium benefit – While this is a big step up from a portable heater, it may be worth it for your needs. An installed heating system will heat up the space quickly and save money on electric bills over an inefficient portable unit. Additionally, an installed unit is safer than the portable units that shouldn’t be left unattended.

4. Are you able to use a propane heater in your garage? – Propane or gas heaters may be a little more complex than electric heaters, but provide benefits if you have gas capacity already available. 

Install a garage in Chicago this year
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