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For years, Stanley Garage Builders have been providing homeowners with exceptional garage construction in Chicago. We take pride in our legacy of customer service, specializing in accurate communication with our clients throughout every garage construction project in Chicago. We take care of every little step along the way, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can rest and leave all the details to our garage builders in Chicago including: obtaining permits, conducting demolition, concrete and carpentry work, electrical installation, and the final clean-up. We’ll make sure that your garage construction in Chicago lives up to your highest standards and meets the exact specifications you outlined with us.

Services of Stanley Garage Builders


New Garage Construction

Our garage contractors in Chicago are experts in new garage construction. There’s a lot of moving parts for a project like this, but we’ll handle everything, including permits, cement, carpentry, and clean-up.

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Garage Remodel

If the time has come for you to upgrade your garage, place your trust in Stanley Garage Builders in Chicago; we’ve been remodeling and improving garages for years.

Garage Siding

We use the best materials in our projects, so your new garage addition in Chicago will be protected with the best siding available. Durability and beauty go hand-in-hand with our projects.


Garage Roofing

Just like with every other element of our work, your new garage roofing will be built with top quality materials and according to your specifications. We will build it to resist just about anything.

STANLEY garage construction chicago

Garage Construction Repairs

If your garage has suffered some damage in recent years, call Stanley for garage rehab in Chicago. Let our team repair your garage before the damage spreads or gets out of control.

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Garage Doors

When you plan to build a durable and attractive garage, you can’t forget about the importance of high-quality garage doors! That is why we offer complete assortment of styles and materials in order to perfectly match your home.

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Exceptional Craftmanship

Our garage contractors in Chicago are some of the most experienced craftsmen in the business, and it shows in their incredible handiwork!

Professional Garage Contractors

We handpick every member of our team for not only their skills, but also their professionalism, including punctuality, friendliness, and industry knowledge.

Friendly Customer Service

Communication and service with a smile are the guaranteed hallmarks of garage construction in Chicago with our team.

Highest Quality Materials

A craftsman needs quality materials, so we use only the finest, handpicked materials for each garage construction in Chicago.

Projects Finished on Time

Punctuality is a vital part of our high-quality construction, so we pledge to complete every garage building or remodeling project on time.

Free & Accurate Estimates

We’ll help you budget and plan for your project with a free and accurate estimate before we even start working on your garage.


Financing Options from Trusted Garage Builders in Chicago

Because garage building can be costly, Stanley Garage Builders offers outstanding financing options to suit your particular situation. We want your garage building or garage replacement to be an easy experience that you can feel comfortable with.

We will first provide you with a free assessment of your garage building plans and an estimate to go along with it. With that in hand, you know exactly what to expect and we will work with you on your budget while offering you the best solution with regard to financing. Our low-interest options make it easy for you to move forward with the most trusted of garage companies in Chicago to build your custom garage.

There is no need to wait, now is the perfect time to take advantage of our great financing. With professional garage contractors in Chicago, we’re ready for your project. Contact Stanley Garage Builders. Chicago garage replacement and garage building have never been easier.

Quick Process of Garage Construction



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Gable Style Garage

One of the most common garage style roofs in the U.S. is the gable style roof – easily recognizable by the triangle shape they create on two of four sides of the garage – from where the gable gets its name. They are more affordable than other styles and sturdy enough for the Chicago weather. They are also one of Stanley Garage Builders’ more popular options.

Hip Roof Style Garage

Hip roofs are distinguished by their equal in height and length roof sides, which slope down on all four sides and come to a meeting together point at the top. While more often a standard and less customized garage option, Stanley Garage Builders can help you design and tailor your Chicago hip roof style garage to your specifications.

Reverse Gable Style Garage

Very similar to the traditional gable style garage, the reverse gable style garage has one distinguishing feature – the garage door is located on the long wall below the eaves of the roof, as opposed to the gable. It’s another budget friendly choice that still offers many customization options. It can also increase the home value, and is another one of Stanley Garage Builder customers’ preferred choices in the Chicago area.

Testimonials of Stanley Garage Builders Chicago

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