Which garage roof materials are right for your garage?

When it comes to roof materials for garages you have a litany of options ranging from adhesive membranes to shingles. With these options being available you must also consider that it will take more than just shingles to preserve all the things you are storing in your garage. A huge miscalculation that happens when configuring roofs in garages is falling short of installing every aspect of an optimal roofing system, such as insulation, eave edges, and vents. Today we will look at several options when it comes to resources you need to complete your garage roof installation with success. 

Will the garage look good? 
The first question you want to ask garage builders Chicago before beginning your process is will your garage be connected and considered as a key part of your home or not? A garage that stands out on your street whether detached or large will look most appealing if they compliment the roof of your residence. If you are looking for an option to fit a garage that is for a smaller garage that is not visible from the front of your home you can be more creative with the materials you use because it won’t need to be similar to your house roof. 

Material that can be installed on a garage roof
Steep pitches in roof 
The slope of your garage greatly impacts the resources you have at your disposal when doing a garage remodel Chicago. There are many options to choose from when incorporating slope garage roofs. You can go anywhere from gamblers to hipped roofs and gable roofs. 

Metal roofing: Specialized metal roofing is extremely dependable and long lasting but these great materials come with a hefty price tag. One complaint that homeowners have is the loud sound of rain being intensified even though this issue isn’t such a big deal when dealing with garages. 

Clay/Concrete Tiles: Garage contractors Chicago speak of Clay and concrete tiles as not being a sound choice for garage roofs even with their popularity among other American roofing materials. This material adds a gorgeous appeal accompanied with its fire resistance and durability. Given these factors this resource is seen as too heavy for garage roofs. 

Cedar/wood shingles: Wood shingles and tiles are known to add a decorative aspect to your garage remodel Chicago. This material does call for a more detailed maintenance routine than other resources and also are known to show wear and tear quicker when exposed to water. 

Asphalt shingles: When it comes to garage construction Chicago, the most popular option for residential roofing in North America is asphalt shingles. This material is optimal for garage roofing for many reasons. First, this material is long lasting and cheaper than other alternatives. Second, it comes in many different styles allowing you to coordinate your garage with your home accordingly. This upgrades the curb appeal of your home and can increase its value.

Asphalt shingle options for your garage roof
Asphalt shingles come in various different types. Three-tab shingles are widely loved and they come in a vast amount of color options. If you are looking for shingles that are long lasting and look similar to attractive roofing materials, architectural shingles provide you with all of these advantages. 

Garage roofing tips
This article was written with the purpose of informing the public about different garage and garage roofing alternatives and even though this is the case you always want to contact a professional garage construction Chicago company if you have questions. Quality garage contractors Chicago are committed to helping you throughout your process to help you achieve the optimal results at a good cost.