Medium Garage Sizes: Choosing the Right Size Garage for Your Needs 

It’s imperative to decide on the amount of space you need before starting you building process. Having an idea of the width and and depth of your garage will make deciding on an optimal floor plan easier. 

Determining the correct use case is important when you are contemplating the right size of your new garage construction Chicago. Consider the amount of vehicles you want to store in it and also think about any other activities that will take place in this area that may call for more space such as storage. 

Here’s a tip that’s good to know about average garage dimensions. 

Garage dimensions for 1 car
Cars are the the most popular large items stored in garages across the world. Having one car can affect the dimensions of your new garage significantly as opposed to having more than one vehicle. This area is usually 12’ x 20’ to 16’ x 24’. This can change depending on other elements of your vehicle and its specific size so sometimes getting more space than needed is a good strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your space.

Dimension of a 2-car garage
Garage contractors Chicago estimate the average 2 car garage as being anywhere from 18’ x 20’ to 22’ x 22’. 2- car garages are a good choice even if you only have one vehicle because they provide you with extra space that you may need for storage and other activities. Even though its name may say otherwise a 2-car garage may not be the best decision for homeowners who own multiple vehicles because it doesn’t provide the extra space most needed for storage. Also trucks and SUVs may be hard to fit inside these dimensions. You may want to consider a three car garage if this is your reality. 

Dimensions of a 3-car garage
If you are a family with children who are of the driving age then 3-car garages are a great investment. 3-car garages range in size from 24’ x 22’ to 30’ x 30’. You can take this extra space and implement different variation to your home such as man caves and activity areas for children and maybe even a home gym. 

4 car garage dimensions
These huge garage types are very different from you regular everyday garage. This type of garage is usually more often found in luxurious homes in upscale neighborhoods based on their sheer mammoth size alone. These super garages as garage contractors Chicago calls them are more often disconnected from the home and consist of many modern features such as insulations, new shingles and higher ceilings. 

We’ll build the perfect garage for you
By hiring our amazing garage contractors Chicago for you garage remodel Chicago or garage construction Chicago jobs, you can let your imagination run wild and any type of garage you seek. Here at Stanley we have the ability to construct any set of dimensions you wish and also add many custom specifications to get the project up to your dream standards. Choosing Stanley means you are getting contractors you can trust to deliver quality work on a variety of different job types without breaking the bank to do so compared to other companies who offer similar work. 

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