How to Choose The Appropriately Size Garage

If you are considering new garage construction Chicago project, there are a variety of points to consider. Some of the most crucial elements are material, style (custom, hip, gable) and size. Garage size is vital in meeting the needs for your garage remodel in Chicago or your new garage build. When selecting the size, it is crucial to consider your storage needs, available land space, walking space, and vehicles. We have listed some guidelines below for selecting the proper garage size from Stanley Garage Builders.
Most single-car garages have a minimum size of 12 feet wide by 20 feet long. The minimum size for a two-car garage generally entails widths of 18 feet wide and lengths of 20 feet. Consider that these dimensions are minimums, meant for space for primarily automobile storage, with little to no space for walking. Refer to the chart below for common garage sizes (click for full size chart):

Consider Your Vehicle When Determining Garage Size
Prior to building, measure the length of the vehicle or all of the vehicles you wish to store in your garage. Measure the width as well as the length, with all of the doors open. Ponder whether you may move to a larger vehicle at some point in the future. Measure the length of your boat and trailer if you would like to store them in your garage as well.

Storage Requirements
Garage contractors Chicago residents rely on recommend preparing a list of all the items you may wish to store in your garage. Cars, workbenches, refrigerators, tools, lawnmowers, and sports equipment are all common items and should be taken into consideration when deciding the size of all these items when determining the size of your Chicago garage construction. Use this list to decide whether or not you may require shelves.
An additional two to four feet included in the length or width of a garage con provide significant storage space.  Chicago garage builders may then build a shelving wall 24 inches deep that runs from floor to ceiling. The acquisition of this type of space provides many more cubic feet of storage where you can stack bins or boxes of items. Many garage builders in Chicago would incorporate a workbench into the wall storage as well.

Space for Walking
Think about the amount of walking space you may require in your garage when everything is in it. A qualified Chicago garage contractor will tell you that the best way to check this is by parking your vehicle or vehicles in an open space like they were parked in the garage. Open the doors. Place your various other items around the vehicles where you would prefer for them to be stored. Be sure you have four feet of space to walk around each vehicle. Measure these dimensions.

Land Space
Examine the land space you have available to determine the size of your garage. Make sure the garage will not be located too close to adjacent property if your home is located in a residential area. Decide what land will require reshaping or which trees will require removal to make space for the garage size you seek if your home is located in the country. 

Stanley Garage Builders can assist you in deciding upon the perfect garage size for you. If you have any concerns, please reach out to us for a free on-site estimate and expert assistance.