Detached garage of residential house

Which garage style is most common in Chicago?

Before any home owner begins their new garage construction project and begins looking for reliable Chicago garage builders to get to work, they often have a question – is there a particularly popular style of garage in the Chicagoland area specifically? While every property is different, and home owners often have certain styles or needs in mind for their own home, there are certainly a few options that are more prevalent than others in this area. We have identified three of the most popular, the gable style garage, reverse gable style garage, and hip roof style garage, and will tell you a bit more about each type and why they are so popular below.

Gable Style Garage

Perhaps the most traditional and common request of Chicago garage contractors is the gable style, particularly because it can be adapted and matched to most house styles and sizes. Because it is built to match your home’s roof and style, it can be customized to match most homes. It is also very easy to design and build, making it a cheaper and more convenient option that Chicago garage builders can complete for you on a more abbreviated schedule. They also provide additional storage space and effective drainage because of their sloped design, especially important for the accumulation of rain or snow common in Chicago weather.

Reverse Gable Style Garage

While similar in most ways to the common gable style garage, the reverse gable style garage simply reverses the location of the garage door – placing it on the long wall below the eaves, as opposed to directly under the gable. This style provides many of the benefits of the normal gable style outlined above, but does offer a more unique look that can stand out from other homes on your block and increase your home’s curb appeal and value. Like the regular gable style, it is still a budget friendly option that can be easily customized.

Hip Roof Style Garage

Nearly as common as the two gable styles, the hip roof style garage differs mainly in its design, featuring a pyramid-style roof that slopes on all four sides and that meet together at the top of the pyramid. The primary benefit of a hip roof style garage is its durability – because of the extensive overhangs on all four sides of the garage, drainage is efficient and protects your garage siding and interior from moisture damage or wear and tear from the elements. They are also well designed to allow ventilation for the garage interior, which is especially important if you plan to store valuables that need to be protected from the elements within.