When should you consider replacing your garage door?

Your garage doors tend to go through quite a bit. From tough hail storms to winds blowing debris, and even kids knocking their bikes against them, garage doors take a beating throughout the year. Add to that some frequent bumps with the car and you may be calling your garage builders in Chicago for new garage doors.

Here are some things to consider when it might be time to replace your garage doors. Not every situation requires a new garage door but in keeping these ideas in mind, you can best determine when it’s the right time.

Common Wear from Daily Use

Many families use their garage space for everyday storage as well as frequent entry and exit of the home. This constant opening and closing can have long-term effects on your garage door, making it necessary to find a replacement from your local garage contractors in Chicago.

When maintenance is no longer an option to keep the spring, tracks, and rollers functioning properly, it may be time to think about a change.

Issues with Safety or Security

You need to feel confident that your garage doors are safe to use, especially where children are involved. If your doors are difficult to open, tend to slip and close without warning, or they cannot be secured, have a specialist in garage rehab in Chicago check it for you. They may be able to repair or replace some safety features to salvage the doors, but if not, you can always replace them for total peace of mind.

Weather Damage

The weather is impossible to predict in terms of how it will affect your property, so when a bad storm hits, there is no telling what kind of damage your garage doors will suffer. Minor dents are not a concern but if the damage affects its operation, the door will need to be replaced. As steel doors can withstand more punishment than wood doors, they can last longer. Meanwhile, damaged wood doors can also rot from heavy, prolonged rains, or they can split due to high winds. In these cases, replacing the garage doors becomes necessary.


While making your home look better does not make your garage door replacement a necessity, doing so can give your curb appeal a boost, which adds value to your home. So a garage door replacement by professional garage contractors in Chicago can end up being a very good investment.

No matter what your reason is for thinking about a replacement for your garage doors, speak to the right garage builders in Chicago for solid advice and a variety of garage door options.