What are The Benefits of Having Gable Style Garage?

A gable style roof is a roof that slopes down on two sides and forms a triangular peak on the front and the back of your home or garage. It is one of the most popular roof styles for a home, business, or garage. This is the most common roof style seen in Cape Cod, New England, and on homes with dormers, porches, and garages. It is a simple design that makes construction more straightforward and is less expensive than other roof styles. Several gable styles are available on the market today, including a typical side gable, a Dutch gable, and a cross gable.

So what are the benefits of a gabled roof? Gabled roofs are durable and especially so in areas that receive a lot of rain or snow. Rain and ice do not stay long on a sloping roof, and this saves your roof from weight damage and wear and tear. 

Gabled roofs give you storage under the gable, which is very handy for a garage or attic. This space can be for storage alone or with the proper insulation, and the addition of walls can become an extra living space or playroom for the kids for an affordable cost. Gabled roofs also offer better ventilation.

Gable roofs have been around for centuries because of the beautiful way they look. It is a style recognized all over the world. We can match your gabled garage roof to the existing one on your home. Gabled roofs add value to your home and certainly increases your home’s curb appeal.

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