Tips on Making Your Garage Pet-Friendly

A garage is a versatile space. There are many uses for this extension of the home, other than simply an enclosed parking space for your vehicles. A garage is also an ideal place to have a hobby workshop, store tools & equipment, keep seasonal garden machinery safe and of course for extra storage space. Sometimes the garage is also used as a safe place for pets. In this case, you will want to make sure that your garage is pet friendly. As garages often have many items stored in them, it is important to spend some time in creating a safe environment for your furry friend.

There are some quick and easy changes and readjustments that you can make to ensure that the area is suitable for your pet. Keep reading for some handy tips, provided by experienced garage contractors, that you can apply to make your garage pet friendly.


Garages tend to get cluttered easily as there are so many different items that get stored here. Usually, it’s a wide variety of things like chemicals, other hazardous products, tools or items that could cause injury. Make sure to clear out the garage and discard any non-essential items. Have a good look around and make sure there is nothing in reach that can harm your pet.

Another advantage of decluttering is that your pet will have enough room to move around in. A good decluttering will help you to keep the space cleaner and more organized. It will make your life easier too if you are able to find whatever you need without spending unnecessary time looking for things. If your garage is old and in need of some TLC, make sure to contact your local garage builders to discuss options for a garage remodel.

Toxic Chemical Storage

Hazardous or toxic chemicals that are not stored properly could put your pet’s health and safety in jeopardy. This is perhaps the most important aspect to focus on when preparing your garage for your pet. Chemical spills or accidents can also negatively affect you or your family, therefore it’s always best to ensure that all types of chemicals are stored in a safe and secure way.

Refer to the labeling on containers, where you can frequently find relevant information regarding correct storage methods. Some products may state at what temperature they should be kept at. Extreme temperatures that fall outside of the recommended parameters may cause problems with the various product components and cause the product to fail. When organizing your garage, make sure to read the labels on each container for vital information on storage and their expiry dates.

Wall-mounted cabinets are the ideal place to keep dangerous chemicals. Your children, nor pets, will be able to access anything if they cannot reach it. Ensure that the cabinets are locked or have latches to reduce any further risk. This is especially important if your pets remain unsupervised in your garage from time to time. You can at least have peace of mind knowing that your pets cannot access these hazardous items.

Make Use of Airtight Containers

Both your pets and you will benefit from a neat and organized, pet-friendly garage. Consider using airtight storage containers for added organization and health benefits. Not only will your pets not be able to gain access to any food or other items stored, but neither can pests. Food or other items can attract various pests like mice, rats, or bugs. Keep these unwanted guests out, by not giving them any reason to come in. Pests are not in any way beneficial to your home, family, or pets, so avoid inviting them in.

For any food items you want to store in your garage, make sure they are kept in airtight containers. Check on them from time to time, to make sure no damage or cracks have started to appear. Replace containers as soon as you notice any signs or wear and tear. Taking these precautions will help make your garage pet friendly as it prevents your pets from overeating and will keep the critters at bay.

Keeping Tools Out of Reach

A garage is an ideal place to keep and store your tools. Make sure to store them safe and secure to prevent any unfortunate accidents. This would apply especially to tools that have sharp edges, like gardening tools, knives, blades, scissors, or pruners. Accidents can happen so quickly, so better to keep them stored up higher, out of reach and out of the way. When storing them up higher, make sure to secure the tools, to prevent them from falling and risk hurting your loved ones.

For garages with limited space, you can install a corkboard and use this to hang your tools and at the same time create a bit of extra floor space. Another good solution is to purchase storage cabinets especially designed for garages, which will help you maximize your space. These cabinets often come with locks and latches on all doors and drawers. This will keep items out of harm’s way and secure the safety of your pets and family members.

Regular Cleaning

Pets like to make a mess of things sometimes as they don’t always know what’s good for them. Give your garage a good sweep on a regular basis to help keep your pets healthy. Too much dust and dirt is not good for any living creature. A garage does tend to become dirty quicker due to the various uses we have for the space. In addition to a regular sweep, power wash your garage from time to time. Also try to get rid of oil stains when they appear. Garage construction companies can often give you practical advice on how to take care of oil and grease stains on your garage floor.

Create a Cozy Space

Just like humans grave comfort, so do our pets. A nice comfy space will help them to relax and feel happy. They will need their bed, a warm blanket, maybe a toy or two and of course some water. Garage floors tend to be hard and cold, therefore adding some of these aforementioned items will help them rest comfortably.

For garages that need a bit more attention than merely a quick tidying and organizing process, you may want to consider a garage remodel. Especially if your garage is damaged and severely drafty, consider contacting garage contractors to carry out a structural inspection. When in doubt, your local garage construction company will be able to assist.

We have been in the garage industry for decades and can give you sound advice on all garage related matters. You can rely on our friendly and knowledgeable team to take care of your garage building project and do it right the first time!