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How to Reduce Risk of Burglary Through Your Garage

Nobody really wants to think about break-ins, illegal intrusions, or burglary, but the truth is that these events happen more frequently than we’d like—even in communities thought to be safe. Burglars can gain access to your garage. Your garage is an ideal entryway for burglars, with often neglected man doors, easy-to-access windows, and occasionally open garage doors. People should pay attention to garage construction as it is also an important part of the house. Here are some quick and easy ways to reduce the risk of a garage burglary.

Upgrade Your Remote

Some homeowners are forced to use an ancient remote control, but if it is stolen, a thief will have unrestricted access to your garage at any time. It’s convenient to keep your garage remote tucked beneath your car’s visor or in a reachable spot on the dash, but you won’t have to give up this comfort if you upgrade your remote opener.

Technology has radically advanced the design of a remote opener, much like garage security cameras that can double as bright floodlights. Automatic openers are now available as keychain remotes that are simple to use and carry. Make it a part of your plan to remodel garage with the modern comforts of today.

Secure Exterior and Entry Doors

Make it a habit to lock all doors leading into your garage and then into your main house. You don’t need to buy any fancy technology; simply get into the habit of locking your doors. Even if you live in an urban area where locking your doors is not the norm, do it anyway. Burglaries can take place to anyone and anywhere, but only a locked door can deter a burglar.

Detached Garage Builders

At Stanley Garage Builders we can build a new safe and secure garage to protect your valuables. Since 1959, we have provided custom-sized detached garages in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We are very much known as one of the best garage contractors in the Chicago area for 62 long years, with a steady legion of customers. Speak to a specialist today!