STANLEY Garage Builders - FAQ

Is there a cost for estimates?

No, there is no cost for any potential clients who request estimates. Estimates are free and come with no obligation. At your leisure, please fill out the free estimate form on our website. We are happy to help you by phone or through our website. 

Do I need to get a building permit? If so, from where do I get that permit?

Yes,  building permits are required for all garage construction Chicago but do not dismay, we will take care of it. We are completely familiar with procedures and will cover all of the required paperwork, as well as any code compliances and permits. After this point, we can start preparing the area for your garage project, including the demolition work. 

Is it possible to personalize a garage?

Absolutely! STANLEY Garage Builders work closely with each client, accommodating to your ideas and garage remodeling needs. We maintain contact with the client’s municipal office to ensure that the process moves along appropriately.  We will build you the garage you’ve dreamed of!

What should I do to my site to prepare it for installation day?

Before the garage contractor’s arrival and the installation date, once we have fulfilled all of the paperwork requirements, please ensure that the area where your metal barn or your carport will be installed is prepared.  Said area should be accessible and have a flat surface.

Our team of garage contractors in Chicago is very knowledgeable and experienced. Preparing everything in advance prior to installment ensures increased efficiency by our team when the begin, which in turn provides our clients with a high quality garage at the lowest possible installation price (flooring cost not included).

Do you only build garages or do you perform other services?

Aside from garage remodeling and garage building in Chicago, we additionally offer a variety of other services.  We encourage you to call us or visit our website for additional information.  We would be happy to assist you in locating the appropriate contact for all of your needs. 

May I see examples of your previous work?

Go ahead and check our website Gallery to see pictures of our most recent projects! We are open to any alterations or customizations in order to build your ideal garage!

What is a building permit?

Our company creates a set of construction drawings to be reviewed by local building authorities as the first step in securing a building permit. Cities, counties, townships, and municipalities provide their own codes that decide where a construction can take place. Once the drawings are approved that show the details of the building construction the building permit gets issued. A zoning decision may be necessary beforehand if it applies to the current situation.

Is a metal shed considered a permanent structure?

Metal sheds are not always a permanent option. This is all depending on how garage contractors chicago install it more than the resources that are used. When a shed is connected with a durable foundation a chicago garage contractor would consider it a permanent solution but when they are not and you have the ability to move the shed around garage builders chicago would not deem it a permanent structure.

How can I make my carport look nice?

Implementing appealing aesthetic aspects to your carport is a great decision because they are mostly installed based on functionality over style. There are a few options to make your shed look great which include putting in shrubs or flower gardens around the exterior. You can also go with hanging strings of lights on top.

Does converting a shed into a garage add value?

If you’re looking to add value to your property, converting a shed into a garage is the way to go. This process gives your living space more room and also gives you more protection for your vehicles than a traditional outdoor canopy would.

What is a good garage depth?

Contingent on what exactly you plan to put inside you garage constitutes good garage depth. 20 feet deep is the minimum standard but if you plan on placing bigger resources inside or if you use it as your own personal work environment, installing a much bigger solution is a better fit.

Is a 3-car garage worth it?

A three-car garage is a great decision when you have multiple cars or drivers in your household. Your vehicles are at risk of incurring damage from dangerous weather conditions if you have three vehicles but only have a garage that can fit two.

How many square feet does a 6-car garage take up?

You need a little over 2,900 square feet of room if you want to have six cars in the same garage. For bigger garage templates you can browse these design options to see which one works best for you.

Should you put windows in your garage?

Windows are a popular options for garage remodel chicago jobs. Having windows installed allows more sunlight to come into the room and offers a more comfortable atmosphere.

Can you insulate a garage?

The answer is yes. Insulating a garage protects vehicles and equipment effectively making them safer to store inside. A few insulation options that work great are spray foam, fiberglass, and radiant protection. These options are good for insulating a metal garage and won’t break the bank.

Why should I choose you as my contractor?

  1. Our garage construction Chicago services have been applauded in the Chicago areas for many years. 
  2. Our company received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 
  3.  Our owners are the people that show up to your residence and present a proposal but are also present during the process. 
  4. We only work with the top products on the market. 
  5. Our company is committed to finishing your job in a fast and efficient manner
  6. You don’t have to worry about permits or drawings. We offer those things.
  7. Our company is licensed and bonded to work on your property. 
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